West Seattle Art Nest

Here at West Seattle Art Nest, we believe that every child is an artist. We offer a creative space, designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage young artists. Our hope is that each child finds their own unique style, and is able to express themselves through their art.

Monday 10am - 2pm

Tuesday 10am - 2pm

Wednesday 10am - 2pm

Thursday 10am - 2pm

Friday 10am - 2pm

Saturday Birthday Parties & Private Events

Sunday 10am-2pm

Available for Birthday Parties & Private Events in the afternoon

FIT4MOM Bob Ross and Beers: 01.23.19 6pm-8pm


FIT4MOM Bob Ross and Beers: 01.23.19 6pm-8pm




We look forward to welcoming all FIT4MOM Bob Ross enthusiasts for a night of happy little trees, happy accidents, and a few happy clouds for good measure! The talented and experienced Mariah Ordonez will guide you through a Bob Ross inspired landscape, and beverages from locally owned Seattle-Lite Brewery will be on hand. Whether you are an experienced artist, or have never picked up a paintbrush, we ensure that you will all have a piece of art to take home that Bob would be proud of.

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