West Seattle Art Nest

Here at West Seattle Art Nest, we believe that every child is an artist. We offer a creative space, designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage young artists. Our hope is that each child finds their own unique style, and is able to express themselves through their art.

Monday 10am - 2pm

Tuesday 10am - 2pm

Wednesday 10am - 2pm

Thursday 10am - 2pm

Friday 10am - 2pm

Saturday Birthday Parties & Private Events

Sunday 10am-2pm

Available for Birthday Parties & Private Events in the afternoon

Winter Magic 3 Day Camp 01.02.19-01.04.19 9:30am-12:30pm


Winter Magic 3 Day Camp 01.02.19-01.04.19 9:30am-12:30pm


Winter Magic 3 Day Camp: 01.02.19-01.04.19


This 3 day camp is dedicated to all things that encompass that magic of winter! Think snow slime, 3D winter themed sculptures, multi-media art creations, and packed full of artsploring! This camp is drop off for school aged children.

Please send your young artists along with a snack and a bottle of water. As always, dress for mess, not to impress!

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Now getting a frequent artist card is even easier!  Simply purchase the age appropriate frequent artist card for your child or family, and we will start and file a card for you at studio..  Frequent Artist Cards allow you 6 Open Studio hours for the price of 5 and never expire. Now that's a gift that just keeps on giving!